PARIS Lifestyle of The 8 Mile SOHO (Paris Zone) city with a global center for art, fashion, gastronomy, architectural design.
MILANO Lifestyle of The 8 mile SOHO (Milan Zone) city emphasizes the capital of fashion & design house, art and craft.
NEW YORK Imagine the Lifestyle of The 8 Mile SOHO (New York Zone) city to be in the center core of Manhattan Street,
LONDON A lifestyle of The 8 mile (London Zone) city, for centuries, London has been a vibrant cultural, economic, birthplace.

About 8 Mile Soho

GateWay For Tomorrow

A brand new & energetic place that aims to foster the businesses of Yangoners is opening in 8mile SOHO.  Boutique Shops, Decorated & Construction Goods, Chain Stores, IT, Academic Schools, high-end Restaurant & Shops, Galleries make trendy.

SOHO a top shopping & living destination with kindness and humanity, known for its extraordinary classic facades and stone streets. During the day, street vendors sell foods, from organic to life-style goods.

8 mile soho

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  • No.106, Pyi Road, Mayangone Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
Gateway For Our Tomorrow
  • No.106, Pyi Road, Mayangone Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
Let’s Nurture and Grow Together

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of 8 Mile Soho 2023
Gateway For Tomorrow.
of 8 Mile Soho 2023
Gateway For Tomorrow.
of 8 Mile Soho 2023
Gateway For Tomorrow.

My Life, My Aura

8 Mile Soho Landscape

8 Mile Soho Advantages

8 mile soho junction
The 8 Mile Soho Junction

The heart of SOHO lies in heart of Yangon. With the convenient access of the airport, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Golf Club and many more. The 8 MILE SOHO offers variety of business efficiency and corporate socialization.

8 mile soho entrepreneurs
The 8 Mile Soho Entrepreneurs

Eat my soul just gave the gate way for tomorrow 2023 from our generation was just thinking about investment to transfer to our generation who will really take action and make it more benefit more proof from the Escucha. Why not let your kids and your generation be together at our eight by Soho the lifestyle change since 2020 Chi deposited thinking or everybody to think about their investment in our country now I am United States as a young generation Jan and they love to walk at the same.

8 mile soho destination
The 8 Mile Soho Destination

The destination of gateway Milano, New York, San Francisco, London and Los Angeles offers a driveway for business owners to experience different backgrounds in lifestyles. Whatever different background in lifestyle, 8 MILE SOHO makes it adaptable and cherishes it.

8 mile soho lifestyle
The 8 Mile Soho Life Style

The life style 8 MILE SOHO envisions is aladder to cimb for you for the younger generation. Allowing you to elevate and define your life style goals and contribution to society.