Soho Business Places

The essence of SOHO lies in the shop office home for young business owner/entrepreneurs.

A place gathering for numerous IT, Jewlery, Fashion, Beauty Acessory, Boutique Shops, Decorated & Construction Goods, Chain Stores, Academic Schools, high-end Restaurant & Shops, Galleries make trendy.

Image the cross of work and your dream home all in a singular dimension of space.

Saving commuting hours for work and allowing you to transform your work and family life.

8 mile soho business places

Business Owners

We are still on the line, safe drive.

Use and apply any occasion ,anyplace  to know the real value.

Gateway for tomorrow with great chance.

If you work hard, never give up.

Be together with the 8 mile SOHO beside you always. If you work hard, never give us, your dream will come true

Meet more friends, teachers, business partners no matter less or small.

Eat my soul just give the gate way for tomorrow from our generation was just thinking about investment to transfer to new generation who will really take action and make it more benefit more proof from the Soho.

Young Entrepreneurship

8 mile soho

8 Mile Soho Life Style

8 mile soho

The life style of the 8 mile SOHO envisages a ladder to climb up to multi-business world allowing new generations to elevate and define your life style goals as well as contribution to society.